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 101 Dalmatians, Land Before Time, Jurassic Park, Babe, Free Willy…these were all my favourite movies growing up (and still are today)! Even at the tiny age of two, these movies meant something more to me than just cute animals dancing around on a TV screen. They show viewers the moral lessons of friendship, courage, unconditional love, loyalty and the powerful animal-human bond. Sure, some of these movies are animated and exaggerated, but the underlining values of everlasting love between humans and animals prove to be true in the real world.

Fast forward a few years, my family and I welcomed a furry friend of our own. Her name was Molly. Molly was a beautiful, loving and happy-go-lucky golden retriever. She quickly became my best friend. I don’t know how we ever lived without a dog in our house. It truly didn’t feel like home until the day Molly stepped through those doors. This is when I knew that dogs would change my life.

 Over the years I have dabbled in various sales, marketing and customer success roles at technology companies. I love learning the inner workings of successful organizations. But one thing was missing in my career: passion. Work felt like work, my heart and soul wasn’t in it.

Then, when I least expected it, Furevery was born. My fiancé and I moved in together, and right away we realized our house was missing the four-legged pitter patter and the welcoming wagging tail. We began the search for our furbaby. We didn’t know where to start. We constantly had 10 tabs open searching for our dream dog in Google, Kijiji, Humane Society and local rescue organizations. We filled out form after form and sent email after email. I knew it shouldn’t be this difficult to rescue a dog. After searching for months, we finally found our beloved pooch. We rescued a beautiful boxer mix from a local rescue organization and named her Fogo. She immediately became the apple of our eyes.

The tedious process we went through to find Fogo, still bugged me. I realized there was a big gap in the dog industry. This motivated me to quit my job and take the plunge into entrepreneurship. I want to make it easier for people like us, to save dogs like Fogo, who deserve a second chance.

The difficulties didn't end after we brough Fogo home. We were living in a new home with a new dog and we didn’t know any of the local veterinarians, groomers or trainers to take Fogo to. We didn’t know how to socialize her and meet other like-minded dog owners. This was another gap and another motivator for me.
After weeks and weeks of research and market validation, I determined that dogs could be saved and their lives could be enhanced if there was a technology to unite dogs, dog lovers and dog professionals together, in one centralized location. So I sought out to create Furevery.
Furevery has been created by dog lovers, for dog lovers. Our mission is to connect hands and paws. Furevery dog, Furevery dog owner and Furevery dog serving business.Together, we can make rescuing cool and give our dogs the best life pawssible.


Ally Calder